My practice is rooted in the principles of functional medicine, which means I focus on getting to the root cause of health concerns through natural means instead of trying to cover up symptoms. I work with everyone from those with chronic health conditions to athletes looking for sports optimization, and everything in between. Chronic health conditions can be complicated, they can stem from environmental inputs, impaired detoxification, diet, food, gut health, nutritional deficiencies, imbalance of hormones, immune system dysregulation, and stressed emotional states. Because health issues can be complicated, I am dedicated to thorough investigation, listening to your story, and coming up with creative solutions. For athletes, in my experience, they walk a fine line of health and fitness. It's as important to put as much effort into maintaining their health and diet, as it is to training. With good health comes our potential to reach our optimal fitness, and good health starts with a good diet and the right nutrients. I specialize in athlete blood chemistry and look for things that are often overlooked in the athlete population. I believe in whole food nutrition, making things from scratch, training yourself to cook with a busy lifestyle, everything in moderation, and supplementing to sustain and optimize your health. As far as food goes, if you can grow it, pick it, or kill it, you are good to eat it!


Wellness and Athlete Blood Work Panels: I believe it is important to do comprehensive blood work 1-3 times during the year, and for athletes I recommend checking their blood work every 3-6 months or before the start of a season or training program. This is because your body is constantly changing and it is good to catch red flags before they develop into anything bigger. There are many clues when reading blood work from a nutritional standpoint that can help with current health issues and even prevent issues from developing in the future, I like to catch things before they turn into something bigger. Athletes should check in even more frequently because they push their body to the limit, and need to meet the increased demands they are putting on their body and nutrient stores. I read blood work differently than a doctor does. I read it from a nutrition standpoint instead of from a disease standpoint. I have special ranges for optimal health and athletes that are different from the typical ranges you will find. This is because you want to compare your blood work to healthy individuals and athletes, not the common population. There are many clues that you can find in blood work to optimize your health and fitness, and my specialty is investigating them and correcting them with a personally tailored supplement protocol.


Food Inflammation Test: I think this is an amazing test and I recommend it to everyone. It's tricky deciding which diet is the best for you. Gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo? Different diets work for different people and thats is why I encourage my clients to take a food sensitivity test in order to take the guess work out and know what is right for them. By taking this test, you will know which foods trigger inflammation in the body and which foods don't. Inflammation is the root to many chronic health issues and an athletes worst nightmare. Reducing that burden by taking out inflammatory foods in the diet is a step in the right direction. Complete food tolerance is the ultimate goal, but temporarily removing the inflammatory foods can give your body the break it needs to be able to tolerate it again. I can help guide you through this process.

Extensive Hormone Evaluation (DUTCH testing):


Hormones can be complicated to sort through. Mood swings, weight gain, fatigue, acne, inflammation, poor detoxification, food cravings, menopausal symptoms, irregular menstrual cycles, and irritability and just a few symptoms that unbalanced hormones can cause. Understanding how they interact and are cause your symptoms requires a lot of investigation. That is why I use a hormone test called the DUTCH test, that goes above and beyond typical hormone blood work and saliva tests. Not only does it test your stress and sex hormones, but it is unique in that it tests the metabolites of each hormone which is important for addressing the hard to find issues. It also looks at melatonin, oxidative stress which can damage DNA, B-vitamin markers, glutathione markers, and more. With the comprehensive information from this test, I can delve deep into your hormonal issues. I think every woman should have their hormones tested for optimal health and to ensure proper estrogen metabolism. It is important to have your hormones work for you instead of against you.



This is the most advanced DNA testing to explore gut health by looking at both healthy bacteria and pathogens in the GI tract. The gut houses an entire ecosystem of microorganisms that are essential for life and health and it is important that you have the right balance of good bacteria because the good bacteria does everything from vitamin synthesis, hormone production, cellular communication, immune system regulation, and much more. The GI-MAP assesses levels of healthy bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, yeast, and viruses. It also does advanced metabolic testing for inflammation, immune function, and digestion and absorption.


Mind-Body Connection:


I use techniques that help you get to the root cause of roadblocks in life, health issues, training, and racing as well as roadblocks to choosing healthier foods and a healthier lifestyle. Utilizing mind-body techniques can help steer you in the right direction to healthy choices, balance, and healthy life.


I also offer many more services, and tailor each visit to the individual goals, needs, and budget. Email me if you have any questions!


About Me

Natalie Picchetti-Moos, MSHNFM

I found functional medicine and nutrition after searching for my own health answers.


I was running for the University of Georgia, and was one of the top runners in the country. My freshman year, I was SEC freshman of the year, and from then on I climbed my way up the ranks becoming SEC Champion in the mile, a 3-time All-American, and the only collegiate to make it to the 2007 USA Track and Field National Championships. After qualifying for the Olympic Trials, I noticed some changes in my body, my performances became shaky, and eventually I was barely able to run at all. After undergoing many tests, they discovered a hematoma on my liver which eventually ruptured in between competitions leaving my body completely wrecked. When I probed about how this happened, I was told it was like getting struck by lightening. Looking for answers, I found the world of functional medicine and nutrition, and this lead me on my journey to study how the body worked and the steps I needed to take to recover from my own health issues. It has been the key that guided me back to restoring my health, and I want to share what I've learned to help others.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. I received my Bachelors in Pre-Medicine and Psychology, along with a minor in Biology from The University of Georgia. I also worked in the neuroscience research lab at the University of Georgia and the University of Texas. I believe my education and experiences have given me a unique perspective on health and fitness. I believe that health issues need to be investigated and want to bring a multidimensional health approach to those I help. I specialize in custom nutrition planning for all people looking to improve health or sports performance, athlete blood work analysis, food sensitivity tests, 23andMe genome interpretation, mind-body work, and much more.



Q: Where is your office located?


A: Resonant Nutrition shares an office space with Health Plus ATX and is located in Austin, TX.


3939 Bee Cave Rd.

Suite 203A

Austin, TX 78746


Q: How do I contact you/schedule an appointment?


A: Please use the "Contact Us" page below to schedule an appointment or ask any questions you may have.


Q: Are you available for talks?


A: Yes, I enjoy lecturing on a variety of nutrition topics.