Farmer's Market for One

Went to the local Farmer's Market and was totally inspired. Cooking solo tonight so I decided to experiment with some of the fresh foods I picked up this morning:

WILD CAUGHT SALMON (omega 3s, B12, selenium, and vitamin D) topped with a mixture of BLACK CHERRY TOMATOES (beta carotene, anthocyanin, B6, and vitamin C - note, cooking tomatoes reduces nutrient content of vitamin C and B6 but it increases betacarotene which is converted to protective vitamin A) BASIL (vitamin K and manganese) OYSTER MUSHROOMS (vitamin D, protein, iron, and B3) cooked in OLIVE OIL (healthy monounsaturated fats) and topped fresh squeezed LEMON (vitamin C various antioxidants)

and of course a salad with a ton of phytonutrients and fresh-squeezed lemon as the dressing!

Salmon was brushed with olive oil, sea salt and black pepper, placed in the oven uncovered at 375 F for 15 minutes

Topping was placed in a pan over medium heat with olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper, then cooked for 15 minutes, gently squishing the halved cherry tomatoes at 12 minutes so the tomatoes made a bit of a "sauce" when combined with the olive oil. Lemon juice was added once placed on the plate.

note: I am neither chef nor photographer so bear with me on the food photos. I just want to share easy-to-make, healthy recipes!